Hot Rolling Mills

A.S. Precision Machines Pvt. Ltd
(an ISO 9001:2000 certified company)

Code : S-01
We manufacture sprockets that are fabricated using high quality raw material and are designed with utmost precision and attention. Our sprockets help in avoiding early elongation of chain. They minimize break downs and reduce the power consumption, resulting in high productivity. These are offered at reasonable rates.

Capacity - Up to 6” Pitch

Type - Simplex Sprockets, Duplex Sprockets, Triplex Sprockets 

The sprocket looks like a gear but has many engaging teeth while gears usually have one or two. There is basically no slippage in a sprocket. The chain changes the rotational power to pulling power and pulling power to rotational power, by engaging with the sprocket.

Common Applications - Sprockets are used in various applications of Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Sponge Iron Plants Fertilizer plants, Thermal Power Station, Mineral Plants and other manufacturing industries.
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